"Danielle uses language beautifully, smiles like the sun, and chooses her stories very, very carefully, so they fit her like a glove...You can tell she loves the tales she tells, and that is what gives them that extra polish, and makes them shine."
~Csenge Zalka, International Storyteller and Founder of the Holnemvolt Storytelling Festival, Hungary


Danielle is a Storyteller, a francophile, and a native of the bayou country of the Gulf South.  She is a hurricane of lovely words, gripping narrative, and joyful absurdity. Her stories range from traditional folk and fairy tales to poetic explorations and personal misadventures. She includes song and gratuitous hand-percussion whenever she can.

Having delighted audiences of adults and children alike in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Louisiana, Danielle now makes her home in the wonderfully strange hills of Austin, Texas. She has just released her debut storytelling album, Moon-Eyed Sister (available here!) 

Her big project at present centers on collecting women's stories about food: what we eat and don't eat; what we eat in front of others and eat in secret; our rituals; our obsessions; and our joys. She plans to collect these stories and craft them into a performance piece. In fact, if you have a food-related story to share, Danielle would love to hear it

Danielle holds a BA in Theatre from Louisiana State University and is currently finishing her Masters of Arts in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University

When not telling saucy folktales, Danielle can be found whipping up incredible Louisiana home-cooking, constructing fascinators, and attempting to train her incorrigible ewok-dog, Sufjan.